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International Day of Light IDL 2021

May 16, 2021 was designated by UNESCO as the International Day of Light. As part of the celebration of the International Day of Light, students of our high school and class 2IP have prepared many interesting articles on the properties of light, its app...


A day at the Culture Zone and the Silesian Museum

School is not only a closed classroom and school desks. 🙂 👉🏼 School is also education carried out e.g. in a museum. 🎭 That is why we took advantage of the coveted opening of cultural centers and spent a beautiful day at the Culture Zone in Katowice and ...


A history lesson at the Silesian Museum

On Tuesday, May 25, the group of young historians and students of our high school studying the extended level of social studies went to the Silesian Museum for lessons at the museum. They could observe the former classics of Polish art, including Gie...


Paintball 😊

On May 21, 2021, students of classes 1, 1IP, 2IP, and 0DP1, together with their teachers, made use of the wonderful weather and the beauty of spring nature for outdoor activities. We had a lot of fun wearing uniforms, armed with paint rifles. Ta...


Charity Cake Fair

Today, CSIS Stage 5 students organized an exceptional charity cake and sweets fair to support our former school porter, Mr. Adam, now struggling with a very serious and incurable disease. It is amazing that these young people organized the event entirely...