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Santa Day on 6th December

All stages from the International Primary School went to Kids' Kitchen to celebrate "Mikołaj". The children made shortbread biscuits that had windows made from boiled sweets. They also decorated ginger biscuits with different coloured icing ...


Fun with pétanque

One more time, our students played an amazing game called pétanque. This time, after recalling the correct throwing technique and rules of the game, students improved their skills in Beanbag Bocce, improving coordination and preparing ...


Santa Claus Chess Tournament

On Tuesday, December 3 at 2:00 pm in the school assembly hall, a few days before December 6, i.e. Santa Claus Day, our school hosted Santa Claus Chess Tournament. We are pleased to present the results of this important duel: Category of classes 1: ...


Paulina's Passion - Horse Riding

Paulina has been fascinated with horses ever since she can remember. From a very early age she has been riding horses on a lead rope and spending as much time as she could with them, even if that meant just going the stable and feeding carrots to these an...


Days of Joy

Once more, "Children from Brest Railway Station" came to our school. Under the guidance and care of Marina Hula, we hosted smaller and larger refugees from Chechnya with their wonderful mothers. The name of the event is extremely significant, so...