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Our Homelands

If the places where our school friends come from were marked on the map of the World, Antarctica would probably be the only blank spot! This school year, we put special accent on getting to know each other the places from which we came with our parents to...


Education Day

Education Day? We celebrate it by educating each other. This time, the role of our teachers in Checkpoint, Basic Level and IGCSE1 was played by the students. We were learning about the countries of origin - our classmates' homelands. We got to know th...


Elections to the school council in Wańkowicz High School

On October 5, 2021, elections to the school council of the M. Wańkowicz Private High School were held. Bartłomiej Nowak from class 3 alpha became the new chairman of the school, while Juluisz Kozieł from class 1 DP is the deputy chairman of the school. Ma...