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Workshops on regional history in Będzin.

On November 3, students of our school took part in workshops on regional history organized especially for us by Mr. Dariusz Majchrzak - history teacher at the Mikołaj Kopernik 1st High School. in Będzin. Our guide is not only a history teacher, but above ...


Halloween in Primary Programme

After a long break we were able to celebrate Halloween again! All classrooms were decorated with colourful monsters, fluffy spiders, funny ghosts, pumpkins and many, many more... The assembly hall was transformed into the scene from Le...


Halloween in CP1-3, BLG, and IGCSE1

It was a bit competitive, a bit sporty and very, veeeeery spooky! 😉 The idea of this year's Halloween competition was born in the minds of the Students' Council. See how the Checkpoint, Basic Level, and IGCSE1 students enjoyed themselves....


How do rivers change from source to mouth?

Rivers, depending on where they are located, differ from each other in many respects. One of them is the landforms they create as they flow from the source to the mouth. Checkpoint 2 students could find out about it, and they made their own models of rive...


Let's help Amelka!

PLN 21 229.16! We collected such a huge amount in just 3 days of the last week as part of an action for our little neighbor - Amelka Wolak from the Witosa estate in Katowice. Everyone joined the action: students, their parents and teachers of our School C...