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A visit into the depths of space and oceans

Despite the limitations which deprived us of the possibility to organise trips, this year younger children from the Primary Programe had chance to pay a visit to the depths of space and ocean. Stage 1 students broaden their knowledge about water, whi...


Grands Prix again!

It is my pleasure to inform you again about recent achievements of our virtuoso, an IP3 student, Yonghuan Zhong. Apart from two Grands Prix in: Fenomeny Muzyczne in Poland and 14th International Volodymyr Krainev Competition for Young Pianists in Ukraine,...


Independence day of Greece

Greece celebrates Independence Day on March 25. On this occasion, thanks to the enormous commitment and support of our parents from this beautiful country, the children in our kindergarten could move - through the eyes of their imagination - to the pictur...


8th grade mock exams

On March 17-19, 2021 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) in the assembly hall of our school, 8th grade students of Polish and international schools took mock exams in Polish, Mathematics and English....