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Distance Teaching. Our Headmistress' Letter.

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students of our School Complex, Unfortunately, with the fifth powerful wave of coronavirus infections hitting Poland, we all face the challenge of distance learning once again. On January 27, the entire education process in t...


Christmas Meetings in Checkpoint and IGCSE1

On Friday, December 17, for the last time this year, we met with the teachers and our school friends in our school classes. We finished our lessons at 12. And then we sat down at the table for the Christmas feast. We were recalling all that was good and l...


Have you been good? ;-)

In Poland, we have the opportunity to meet Santa twice! First, he comes to us with gifts on December 6, and then in some regions of our country he visits us on Christmas Eve. So if you have been polite, the opportunities to receive gifts are plenty!...


Santa Day

Today we celebrated Santa Day. Stages 3, 4, 5 and 6 all took part in creating their very own Christmas baubles. Children had a lot of fun with paint and glitter. They took them home to add to their Christmas trees as a long lasting memory of the day....