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Complex of Silesian International Schools Katowice


  • 3-4
  • years


Complex of Silesian International Schools offers children a possibility to attend our international preschool group. It is addressed to children 3 and older. Our preschool is a great preparation for a child's yearser education in the international programme (University of Cambridge International Examinations). Through games and contacts with peers from different countries, children learn proper social behaviour and acceptance of other cultures. Their kinaesthetic skills are developed through art and sports classes. During the “Topic of the Week” project, they develop their general knowledge including numbers and phonemes. It gives them excellent preparation for their further education. All classes are based on games and they are conducted in English by highly qualified, experienced teachers.

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  • 5-11
  • years

Cambridge Primary Programme

The Cambridge International Primary Programme develops English, mathematics and science skills in young children. It gives children excellent preparation for secondary education. Designed for pupils aged 5-11, the Cambridge International Primary Programme provides learning objectives for each year of a child’s primary education. Cambridge International Primary Programme: A curriculum for children aged 5-11 - Excellent preparation for secondary education - Focuses on English, mathematics and science - Schools that use the Primary Programme Progression Tests can assess students at the end of each year - Tests show progression of a child’s ability through primary education - Certificate of achievement for each child at the end of primary education

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Secondary 1

  • 11-14
  • years

Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme

Designed to help students learn, Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme tests are available in English, mathematics and science and are suitable for students of approximately 14 years of age. Cambridge Secondary 1:

Is not a formal qualification with a certificate, but a way in which students can make the most of their educational opportunities

Provides good preparation for IGCSE or O Level exams by allowing students to experience an external examination

Scores are good predictors of performance in IGCSE and O Level examinations

Provides immediate feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses

Allows students to see which parts of a subject they are good at and those in which they need to make extra efforts

Gives teachers detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses of each student and class so they can focus their teaching on each class’ particular needs

Tests can be taken at convenient times, so that they don’t disrupt other lessons

Provides a transferable record of a student's academic progress – useful if a student moves schools

Was created with an international audience in mind so that it is suitable for students of all cultural and language backgrounds.

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  • 14-15
  • years

Cambridge IGCSE Programme

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is one of the most recognised qualifications around the world. IGCSE courses are designed for students aged 14 to 17 and are renowned for developing vital education skills, including recall of knowledge, problem solving, initiative, oral, team work and investigative skills. IGCSEs:

Cater for different levels of ability with a choice between core and extended papers in many subjects

Offer a flexible course of study so you can choose subjects that are right for you, from a wide range of areas – Languages, Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, English, Mathematics and Business, Creative, Technical and Vocational

Provide you with a balanced mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge

Place emphasis on broad and balanced study

Provide a foundation for higher level courses such as A and AS Levels and the AICE Diploma

Equip you with the skills required for immediate employment

Offer a mix of assessment methods – from coursework and practical exercises to oral and listening tests and written examinations

Are comparable with GCE O Level and the UK GCSE

Have an excellent reputation amongst international schools worldwide

Are recognised worldwide as a reliable record of attainment which counts towards entry to any school around the world

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IB Diploma

  • 16-19
  • years

IB Diploma Programme

International Baccalaureate Program is a unique and very prestigious program. It is designed for all those who think about their future in a creative way. Our School invites such young people and offers them a unique opportunity to acquire the knowledge and competence. According to many independent experts, International Baccalaureate is the best program of secondary education in the world. Thanks to our school, Katowice has offered the two-year program, preceded by a one-year PRE-DP class, since 2007. In the PRE-DP class, you gain skills necessary further in the IB program.

The course ends with a final examination recognized around the world and allows you to choose a university (acknowledging IB) without entrance exams in Europe, USA, Canada and many other countries around the world.

Schools offering the program are subject to strict rules of accreditation and the authorization in the program itself is a sort of international educational quality mark. Several high schools in Poland received the authorization, among them our Wańkowicz. So, International Baccalaureate has been offered in Silesia for several years. Katowice and Wańkowicz were first.

Why choose this program? First, you learn what you really like, you choose subjects which you are seriously interested in and with which you associate your future. Secondly, you get a diploma recognized throughout the world, in many prestigious universities, and in a growing number of Polish universities. Thirdly, you gain competence necessary for further education, without being overburdened with only theoretical knowledge. And fourth, you learn in friendly atmosphere, respectful of your individuality and personality. And finally: you can always count on your teacher's helpful hand.

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Basic Level

  • 11-19
  • years

Basic Level Group

Basic Level Group focuses on developing the appropriate language level of new coming international students, required to start education in CP (for students aged 11-14) IGCSE groups (aged 14-16) and IB groups (aged 16-19). As part of the Basic Level Group programme, the following subjects are taught: English, Polish for foreigners, Maths, Science, ICT, and Arts. Students are divided into two groups: beginners and advanced learners, based on their age and English level. All lessons are conducted in English. Based on learning progress and internal examination, students may join Checkpoint, IGCSE or IB groups, with respect to their age. After completing particular education stages, students can take external exams, which are a pass to schools and universities worldwide.

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Mission Statment


Since the international programmes reflect cultural and educational backgrounds of many countries, they provide our students with intellectual and critical perspectives necessary for the adult world that lies ahead of them. The education of the ‘whole person’ is of a special significance in our school. Our students are taught how to learn, how to analyse and how to reach conclusions about people all over the world. On the other hand, academic training provides them with the values and opportunities that will enable them to succeed in the competitive world.

The main educational policies of the school are: cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, holistic and humanistic approach to education. Some of our teachers work in their professional fields reaching for further academic degrees. Others participate in professional courses within the range of topics reyearsed to school educational policies. At the same time, they all share their knowledge and experience in the school teachings. Cooperation between teachers as well as cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural teaching process allow the students to take advantage of their teachers’ self-development and teachers themselves to develop in their fields.

International education should inspire students, teachers and community members to broaden their educational outlooks, experiences and practices in order to fully appreciate the world and its people.

It also should provide internationally acceptable qualification for entry into higher education. It should educate the ‘whole person’ emphasizing intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth in a student-controlled philosophy.

The school promotes international education through enhancing certain international values in student development, a strong sense of international awareness, international understanding, tolerance and compassion. Our school staff is encouraged to be fully committed to exploring and establishing a variety of ways in which the internationalism is brought to the forefront of everyday school life, in the classroom and other activities.