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IGCSE uniforms

A few words about... uniforms

For a few years, students of Complex of Silesian International Schools have worn uniforms. The uniform makes our school different from other schools. Thanks to uniforms, students identify themselves with the place where they usually spend most of their day. Moreover, unified clothing causes members of the school community to feel a closer relationship with the peers. He or she belongs to this community and, along with others, builds the tradition of the school. Also, the educational role of uniforms should be stressed. Unified clothing eliminates economic divisions, teaches to avoid judging others superficially, and prepares young people for adult life in which dress code is one of the basic elements of savoir-vivre.

The product line of our school uniforms is very rich. Currently, we offer: polo shirts (short or long sleeve, available colours: blue, gray, white), white T-shirts, navy blue or gray sweatshirts, navy blue cardigans (for girls and boys), navy blue vests, navy blue jackets, navy blue dresses or skirts. Every sector of the school honours different rules in terms of clothing. These rules are given in the school statute. Depending on the occasion, our students can wear a casual outfit or an elegant, fashionable one.

Moreover, all clothes in Complex of Private Schools are labelled with the logo of our school, which makes them unique. Let's maintain the uniqueness and never put our symbols on unofficial clothes. Tidy look is a nice feature. The aesthetic choice of add-ons, free from vibrant elements (which fit unofficial occasions much better), is the key to good look. In most prestigious schools in the world, wearing a uniform is mandatory. Let's make our uniforms fashionable! We inform you that school uniforms are available during the whole school year in the bookstore at Barlickiego 5 (the shopping complex by the school).

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