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Christmas Auctions

Dear Parents of Students, Dear Teachers, Dear Students, With undisguised enthusiasm and great joy I am happy to inform you that as a result of our school internet auction for the Cordis Hospice in Katowice organized in the pre-Christmas period, w...


Another piano competition won by our student!

It  is our honour to present Zhong Yonghuan from IGCSE3 of Wankowicz High School, as the Winner of Category C Solo Piano Section in International Juliusz Zarebski Music Competition. Congrats Simon! ...


Nano silver water fog gates

Our school is well protected against the spread of viruses and other microbes. Few facilities can take pride in installing disinfection systems for people and their belongings at such a technological level as the automatic gates with water mist containing...


The new school year has started

The first days of the new school year are behind us. It was wonderful to come back to the walls of our school, meet our school friends, classmates, favorite teachers and sit at a table in your class! We've been waiting for this since March. It's o...