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"Save Earth"

Since September 2015, International Stage 3 and Stage 4 classes have been participating in an educational programme called "Save Earth". It is a programme designed for early education stages which mostly focuses on shaping ecological awareness o...


Halloween 2015

Although a night earlier than the due date, Complex of Silesian International Schools celebrated Halloween. Oh, what a spooky night it was! A disco, paper chase game, theatre, quiz or a horror movie, all were planned and prepared by students themselves. T...


Ball on Black Pearl

This year, we celebrated Halloween on board of "Black Pearl" pirate ship. The ball began with the presentation of pumpkins prepared beforehand and the costume parade. There were numerous guests. Pirates of all seas and galaxies were having fun a...


Japanese Day

In October, students of Complex of Silesian International Schools celebrated the Japanese Day as one of our International Days Project.  The event started with the presentation of this beautiful country. Students also had a chance to see a professio...