Szkoła międzynarodowa w Katowicach - CSIS Katowice

Logo Complex of Silesian International School
  • ul. Wincentego Witosa 18
  • 40-832 Katowice

Our school is well protected against the spread of viruses and other microbes. Few facilities can take pride in installing disinfection systems for people and their belongings at such a technological level as the automatic gates with water mist containing NANO SILVER in our facility. The effectiveness has been confirmed in studies conducted in leading research centers in Poland. And their operation is simple, just pass through the gate when it is on standby (the green arrow is on then). Everything is automated, so the system starts and stops spraying the nano silver mist by itself.The gates are installed at the entrances to the building: in high school, primary school (entrance through the cloakroom) and in the building at Witosa 23. Your safety is our priority.