Szkoła międzynarodowa w Katowicach - CSIS Katowice

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The first days of the new school year are behind us. It was wonderful to come back to the walls of our school, meet our school friends, classmates, favorite teachers and sit at a table in your class! We've been waiting for this since March. It's over five months!
It is a little different. We all care even more for our health and the well-being of our classmates. Outside the school class, we wear masks, check our temperature when entering school, often wash and disinfect our hands, we try to be very careful, because we all want to meet together every day in our school until the next summer holidays. We believe it will happen!
In the new school year 2020/2021, we wish Students, Teachers, Parents and all Friends of our School many good days, success, safety and health!