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The sky without secrets

On the 15th of December 2016, Checkpoint 2, Checkpoint 3 and 1IGCSE classes participated in a special physics lesson in Silesian Planetarium, organized by Ms Marta Skwarek. Every student could refresh their knowledge about stars, constellations and oth...


Santa Claus is coming

Kindergarten children and students from stages 1-3,  received fantastic presents from Santa Claus this year! We were all celebrating this special day by spending time with friends, having fun and thinking about Christmas that is very near! Meeting Sa...


Independence Day

In November, the school community celebrated the anniversary of Poland winning independence back. The celebration was prepared by students from primary school, junior high school and high school. A brief history of the event was presented during the offic...


Children from all over the world

On the 9th November, children from our pre-school went on a fascinating journey around the world. With music playing in the background, we visited continents where children from different countries waited for us. In Germany we saw how cars are produced...


Halloween in Hogwart

Very scary creatures appeared in our school during the Halloween Ball, held for primary students on the 28th of October. The Harry Potter theme gave the children creative ideas concerning the costume they should wear. Witches, wizards, cats, bats and spid...