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The Nobel Prize winner's 100th birthday: "Szymborska" in Krakow

High school students from the Polish Matura program went to an extraordinary performance at the Juliusz Słowacki Theater in Krakow. The play entitled "Szymborska" is not easy to fit into the framework of classical theater, on the contrary, this modern play took us to a surreal, made-up story accompanied by completely real poems. It was an attempt to look at the poet as she would like it. Without pompousness, emphasis, and artificial seriousness.

It is October 3, 1996. Wisława Szymborska, alone in her room, unsuspectingly, is writing a poem. The phone is ringing. The Cat appears. The poet is speaking to the Cat, ignoring the persistent telephone call. She finally answers. She listens, and hangs up. (She won the Nobel Prize). Locked in a room, she must face the verdict, fate, fame, and immortality. But the Nobel Prize is just an excuse to tell something more. About Szymborska's thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, future and past. Real and unreal characters appear. A student she had a crush on as a little girl and described in the poem "Laughter." There is Kornel Filipowicz, Adam Włodek, Bohun, Andrzej Gołota, an Undisclosed Lyrical Entity with a rather strange mission, and the constantly returning Cat.

It was magical, artistic, beautiful.