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The first Day of Spring was lavishly welcomed by pupils and teachers of the Complex of Silesian International Schools on March 21 at the sports hall of our school.

This year, seven rope stations were waiting for children, symbolizing the colors of the rainbow, including:

  • Slackline
  • Watch Out! Plastic Bags!
  • Bottle Cups Challenge
  • Plastic Cups Blowing Challenge
  • Swinging Tunnel
  • Do not touch It
  • Pulling the Line.

This time it was not the children who competed with each other, but the stations they chose as the best and the most interesting after having crazy fun.

Mrs. Paulina Doligalska, whom we would like to thank for help, not only in the preparation of individual sports stations, took care of the corner where healthy snacks and mineral water for quenching thirst after physical activity were waiting for children.

The atmosphere of madness and children's joy was also shared by the teachers who, actively helping and participating, have forgotten about everyday life. Allowing themselves for a bit of spontaneous play among their students, they became one of them for a moment :)

Cheers, screeching of children, music and laughter filled the sports hall that day, welcoming Spring 2019!

Thank you all for beautiful moments, we wish you a great, thriving, fragrant and new hope for SPRING :)

With sports greetings

PE Teachers