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On May 28, 2019, as part of the cooperation established by our school, thanks to the involvement of the physical education teacher, Mr. Tomasz Spyra from the "Omega" school, the Inter-School Football Tournament of Private Schools was organized.

The teams from the following schools took part in the tournament:

Social Primary School "Omega" (two teams),
Team of Complex of Social General Schools - Primary School,
School Team of the "Elementarz" Foundation,
Private Primary School "Szkoła jak Dom" and
Complex of Silesian International Schools.
We are pleased and proud to announce that the following players:

Filip Czuk - 5PA
Kamil Imosa - 5PA
Andrzej Kasicki - 5PA
Tomasz Kaźmierczak - 5PA
Milewicz Kacper - 5PA
Mateusz Smoleń - 5PA
Maksymilian Wolek - 5PA
Grzegorz Dąbrowski - 5PB
Borys Marchaj - 5PC
Jakub Hilmi - 6PB
Oskar Taste - 6PB
Eryk Drzał - 6PP CSIS
Michał Sałandyk - 6PP CSIS

despite the rain and drenched shirts, but with a big heart and a huge desire to win, won the decisive match, winning the first place! :) :) :)

Congratulations and we wish you another great success, full of experiences and fun!


With sports greetings,

Physical education teachers