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Days of Joy

Once more, "Children from Brest Railway Station" came to our school. Under the guidance and care of Marina Hula, we hosted smaller and larger refugees from Chechnya with their wonderful mothers. The name of the event is extremely significant, so joy was the main theme of the meeting. There were beautiful deeds and fabulous words flowing from the heart. The time from Friday afternoon, November 15 to Sunday noon, November 17 was filled with games, dances, songs, magic tricks, and a trip to the Silesian Museum along with entering the observation tower. Balloons with wishes were sent to the skies - and we guarantee that they must come true, because during the previous "Days of Joy" one of the young Chechens sent a request to come back to us again - and here we go! Sport competitions, performances, a picnic and normal, wonderful conversations... Priceless joy in the eyes of children. That is why we thank everyone who contributed to the success, joy, kindness and empathy. See you next time...